About us

Passionate Provider is dedicated to lead generation and telemarketing services. Our carefully tailored strategies can transcend industry boundaries to deliver excellent results and ROI on a business-by-business basis.

We stand out from the world of digital agencies. We don't shy away from technology but we blend our use of digital technology with one of the most powerful tools on the face of the earth – the human voice.

At Passionate Provider, our philosophy will always ensure that human interactivity lies at the core of everything we do – that's why our telemarketing team is so important to us. With a track record of developing and delivering pioneering multi-channel campaigns across the globe, we're happy that our results speak for us. Our verified leads and hot prospect generation help you grow your business – which helps us grow ours.

We firmly believe that communication is as much about listening as it is about speaking. We will work hand in hand with you to understand what it is you need from your telemarketing campaign – and then we'll make sure that you get it. It's not just about the what and the how of the campaign – it's about the who. We've developed highly accurate targeting and segmenting techniques that will deliver your campaign messaging to the right person, with the right job title in the right organisation. Our strategically developed campaigns seeks to generate business for today, tomorrow and the future – we'll help you make beautiful and enduring relationships with a focus on growth and expansion.

But like all good performances, we know that the audience is all-important. So we use highly accurate targeting techniques to make sure that our clients' campaigns are reaching the right customers. This helps us generate key leads for immediate business, and bolster the prospect pipeline for future growth.

Our range of telemarketing services can be tailored to suit both your company's need and your client's requirements. It simply has to work for everyone – that's how we generate results.