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Why Hire Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Company?

SEO as better defined in current world is no more a warp of keywords and links but a bundle of well planned activities that are performed strategically to expand web presence and build loyalty for your brand. To influence visibility of a website in the search engine results that appear naturally, you need an organized plan of action as per latest algorithm updates.

Google SEO Guidelines

  • Design and Content Guidelines: In this phase we mainly focus on on-site SEO optimization by assessing the sitemap, site hierarchy, internal navigation structure, coding, and the site content. Our experts scrutinize and draft a suitable strategy in accordance with Google's recommendations to deliver the best result.
  • Technical Guidelines: This aspect mainly focusses on all the technical details that go into making a website. Special emphasis is given to loading speed because Google love websites which load quickly. This comes under on site search engine optimization.
  • Quality Guidelines: Here we take care of off-site SEO. We useall the white hat SEO techniques to make sure your website is crawled, indexed and ranked. Our main focus here is to abide by Google Recommendations, understand the requirement and formulate plans based on all Google Algorithms-Penguin panda and Hummingbird.

The SEO Packages are designed carefully to serve different websites having diverse business objectives, market size and target audience.

Google SEO Guidelines

  • Keyword Research: FATbit is powered with keyword research analysts who specialize in framing keyword strategy and add merits to our content planning. Gone are the days when optimizing your website for few keywords brought good results, now it's the content relevancy that decides whether your page will be ranked or not. Therefore in such a scenario we cannot completely rule out the need of keyword research but we need to do it much more diligently; keeping google guidelines in mind.
  • Maintaining Blogs: Google loves the websites that get updated on regular intervals and our Content experts frame authoritative blog posts that are received well by both visitors and search engine crawlers. We make sure that your blogs are read and shared by users so that the website gets benefitted in SERP too.
  • Meta Tags optimization: Consulting FATbit will give special credence to your Meta descriptions as they are the first piece of interaction that visitors have with a site, when your site appears in search engine result page. We use keywords aptly to make the Meta tags, titles and URL structure compelling, so that your webpages are ideally optimized and pull more visitors.
  • Rich Snippets: We make use of rich snippets to make sure that the user's attention is drawn towards your business website when it appears in search and the click through rate is higher too. Rich snippets help you give any kind of additional information to Google that can stand you out in SERPs, for instance, reviews, ratings etc. It gives quick information to user specific queries and drives more visitors to your site.
  • Data Highlighter: Data highlighter is a Google product that we use for presenting your information more impressively. By tagging events, names, locations, Articles, Local Businesses, etc we can make visitors more interested in your business. With the use of schemas the pages are marked up in a way which search engines identify the most.
  • Site design and navigation – Unlike other service providers, our SEO management begins right from the site design phase. Our team of SEO experts is in constant touch with the design and development team to build a SEO friendly website for you. If you already have a website, we will first analyze its site design and run a SEO analysis to identify if the problem lies within the site architecture.
  • User experience – Nothing can harm your position in Search Engine rankings if you are getting your site optimized as per Google analytics. For this, our experts make analysis to enquire if you are being ranked for wrong keywords and further brainstorm ways to improve your website experience, if the site is designed by some third party.

Small Business

  • Keywords Targeted 5
  • Suitable for small businesses

Medium Business

  • Keywords Targeted10
  • Suitable for small and medium businesses

Large Business

  • Keywords Targeted 15
  • Suitable for medium and large businesses
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